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Welcome to the Group!

Before submitting a request to join our group, please read our admission requirements!

voice trips across heartbeat,i want to anchor my spine inside your gravity.
your smiles have been thinning down to pencil lines. there are no words between them. keep it that way so you can be a charcoal smear around my ribcage, so my body can become gray but still have color in the dead spaces you inhabit. we are both quiet. we sometimes have nothing to say.
you cannot practice tragedy, but it came to you in the white noise between our words. we do not know what we want. we are not decisive. we are young and our dreams are too big. we try not to talk about it.
you can buy sex if you want it, you can buy stars if your life is dark. you can let your knees hit the dirt but physics will not care and it will hurt more every time. you can let my eyes blink like the letters on your alarm clock at 3 a.m, but the abyss of a dark bedroom will not care if your lips part and you have nothing to say.
if we become the horizon, there will always be enough time. it is the only thing i can trust, the only thing i know lasts forev

voice trips across heartbeat
by BittersweetObsession

Please review our Admission Guidelines before joining.

A group new to dA that is dedicated to aspiring and/or inspirational writers who wish to receive quality feedback on their artwork. It is made up of a friendly and accepting community that focuses on resurfacing hindered and hidden talents that have submerged into the depths of dA.

-Please view our FAQ for further inquiries!
-Have a question not covered? Go here and submit, and one of our admins will get back to you as soon as possible!
-Want to join the group as an admin? Send us a note titled Admin Request with a body explaining why, and we will consider you for the group as an admin!
-Looking to collaborate with someone? View our collaboration list, and sign up!

Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends
Shelf of Friends

Each month Shelf-of-Friends will hold a selection of prompts for group members to choose from. We hope through this that we can inspire others to write and create beautiful works.

The contest will end March 7th at midnight.

O v e r v i e w

To invoke inspiration, we have selected a format that group members must write in; we do this in hopes of motivating members to try and expand their abilities in other forms of writing. As for the prompt, there are three things members must choose from to use in the submitted piece and to help invoke inspiration:
  • a word to help invoke uniqueness for the piece.

  • a picture of a place for the setting in a scene/story*only for the month of February, and other selected months.

*We suggest to try and incorporate all in your work, but if you feel the need to use one, that is acceptable.  

This month's format: prose or poetry.

You must choose from the following to incorporate in your work:

A Picture for the Setting/Scene:… (what happens there?)
A Word: harlequin ( hahr-luh-kwin (n) ) a buffoon.

Please submit your work here.

W i n n i n g s

(as of now) the prizes are:
A feature on the front page for a duration of a month
A feature in an admin's journal
:points: 636 points donated by KaitForest


A feature in an admin's journal
A place in the featured folder
:points: 236 points donated by KaitForest

D o n a t i o n s

Seeing as how we are not yet a prestigious group, we cannot hand out many coins. If you'd like to make donations so that we are able to do so, please visit the Founder's page and donate. All donations will be made toward this contest!

Q u e s t i o n s ?

Comment on this blog with questions for this month's prompt or send us a note!
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HippieHebe Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you muchly for the feature!:heart:
brokengod--veins Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I am speechless with the feature...

I was just being good enough to submit something in your gallery right until I stumbled onto... thank you so, so much! :huggle:
of course, lovely! <3
brokengod--veins May 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the feature, it means a lot :heart:
of course :)
Blacksand459 Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting my poem, "Sparrow." :D
TheWritingDragon Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for accepting my request!!! :tighthug:
of course, lovely!
TheWritingDragon Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I join? :noes: I sent a request but it doesn't seem to be noticed.... I apologize if you're busy and just haven't seen it yet :iconbowplz:

Thank you!!! :blowkiss:
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